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Morgan Peregrine of Wolfin is my product label for creating fiction texts and other related products. The name derives from Gaelic and British history and relates to a particular cultural setting, where I feel at home.

For me, the veil between "reality" and fiction has always been thin. I never understood, how people could leave a cinema and not take the story and its heroes away with them into their lives as friends or family members. Some deficiency on my part.

Having spent years inside books and films meant that my imaginative power grew. And thus a growing state of insecurity in dealing with the "real" world hampered the development of filters. This resulted in a depth of perception and unbridled imagination, that produced and fed on an unusually close and direct link with my subconscious, but also produced inhibitions and incapabilities for living in the world of mere consumers. Blissful and painful. 

Throughout my life so far, I have had a number of experiences, which nudged me towards trusting my subconscious more. Though not enough. I knew what it would all mean: Writing. Inventing stories, characters, alternative worlds. I knew that I had been hooked since the first time I really started reading a book. But it also meant doing what I feared most. Trying to steal from real life to breathe life into the imagined, a difficult task when you practically avoid real life by default. Condensing the scurrying images into a story, inventing believable characters and dialogues, running the risk of making even more a fool of myself than ever before. Blissful and painful.

I devised clever and utterly reasonable workarounds to avoid having to start. For decades. Shameful, painful and futile. The few times, I really did produce something, were magic. Flow state. Bliss. I then happily set new goals. Which meant years of research, studies to be undertaken, the Opus Magnum to be produced. Which, of course, killed the effort in its infancy.

Let´s see, if I will be able to overcome the fear of producing (more) nonsense and to just start writing.

Here are some tries:



My friend Malcolm Pryce is not only an accomplished writer - The King of Welsh Noir - but also pursues a second career as creative writing tutor. Over the years, he has practised this latter vocation using various formats, from university classrooms to online courses. Recently, he has started to do YouTube videos on the subject. These are a joy to watch. They´re funny, wise and concise. If you´re interested in the writing craft, please head over to The Oxford Writer.

Many years ago, I also thought about becoming a photographer. I then discarded this idea for reasons, which seem rather obscure from today´s viewpoint.

On and off, I return to that old passion. Usually, while travelling, although my travel budget has been very restricted lately.

Thus being an amateur with autodidactic aspirations I still lack much knowledge and practice.

This has not kept me away from offering some of my pictures to online picture agencies.

Here are links to my pictures at various agencies:



The zoonar-link leads you to my pictures directly.

To view my pictures at panthermedia you will have to type in my name in the search field on their website.

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