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© Gaby Gerster / feinkorn GbR© Gaby Gerster / feinkorn GbR

The About-section would probably be expected to be a place for a more or less entertaining enumeration of hobbies, life events and professional lore. I´m not quite sure that this is for me.

As a child I chose comic books over "real" books until my Dad had the great idea to give me a "Prince Valiant" comic book that had more text in it than what I was used to before and spoke to my interest for the middle ages. The rest is legend as they say. I was hooked for life. Sitting in a corner and reading was what I usually did, even during family gatherings. Along with that came films. And I delved into them with my usual abandon and zest for detail. It was one of my private games to switch channels for an unknown film and try to guess its year of making by looking at the architecture or the style of the cars. It was always about finding the morsels of real life inside the fiction.

On an abstract level, one could say that I´m fascinated by the process of perception - encoding the perception - and decoding it again. And all those spider-webbery associations that come with it. A vortex of feelings and facts entwined in a 3D chess game. So, it´s the Media, stupid.


Mont-Sylvain is a made-up name that is based on where I live. While I live on a hill that with its many suburban gardens might more or less be seen as a fairly "green" hill, Mont-Sylvain has closer ties to the name of the street of my parents´ house. "Grünberger Straße" most probably refers to a town of that name, "Grünberg" that is. But I see it more as "grün" (green) and "berg" (mountain) describing a place or region. The old french word "sylvain" means wood (=> green). Also, there is a nice associative line towards the "Counts of Berg", who gave their name of "Berg" to the region I live in, the "Bergisches Land". Being interested in history for as long as I can remember, this coinage of Mont-Sylvain also shows my love for words and for playing with their meanings and history. Mythologically, the Roman god Silvanus might have some kinship with the Celtic Cernunnos, which of course works prettily to my advantage here as I feel very drawn to Celtic culture past and present. Needless to say that green is my favourite colour.


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