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Osmélian de Mont-SylvainOsmélian de Mont-Sylvain

Osmélian de Mont-Sylvain is a French knight, actually the Seigneur de Mont-Sylvain,
lord of a small, tolerably well-kept castle in the enchanted forest of Brocéliande in Brittany, France.
As it happens, most of the forest-dwellers and occasional fairy folk passing through are not really
reliable sources of levy and assorted income.

Which is why Osmélian tries to set aside drinking beer with his chum Helmuth, the dragon who escaped
the ramblings and treasure-stealing of a certain bloke called Siegfried in Germany,
to put to use his mother´s legacy of excessive creativity once in a while to earn a little extra income.
His mother, by the way, is a Brocéliande fairy, who is mostly occupied with
dancing in moonlit forest clearings and answering to the whims
of a certain Morgane Le Fay. But that is another story.

So, Osmélian decided to try his hand at devising wondrous things for sale to the general
populace, those unfortunate enough to be consigned to living beyond the magically glowing borders of
Brocéliande Forest.

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Osmélian in the media:

Osmélian & HelmuthOsmélian & Helmuth

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